Located in one of the prime industrial belts of Delhi, we have state of the art facility for offset printing. Our men, machine and materials conform to the highest standard set by the world leaders in the printing industry. We have complete in-house facilities for Designing, Processing, Printing, Binding, Fabrication of Packaging materials etc. Machines like Heidelberg CP Tronic which is fully computerised and fit to handle the most complex print jobs.


Service 1

Pres Press Facility

Saraswati Printers makes use of the best industry standard used in Pre-Press and Desktop applications with high end work flow solutions for commercial printing and packaging business along with CTP systems.

The pre-press printing procedure has the following steps: Designing concepts are the backbone of any printing process. Design ideas call for supreme imagination, highly creative minds and very deft designing hands. We have with us highly qualified designing experts, creative minds and art persons who are capable of bringing it to realisation whatever may be on your mind. The computer systems placed at our designing staff's disposal use the best in designing software today. Whether it is Type-setting, Copy editing, mark-up, Proofing, Proof reading, screening, Imposition, Specification of images or text, Manufacturing of plates we are capable of everything required for good printing jobs. We can handle any type of file provided for reproduction in order to make positives and digital plates. At Saraswati Printing is extensively trained and is adept in high quality systems like scanning, complex colour retouching, colour matching, fixing errors & fine tunning of customer's supplied files both in Mac and PC formats. Our pre-press faclities includes :

  • Offset Plate Making Units
  • Latest softwares essentially required for designing and press press works.
  • Qualified and well experienced Graphic Designers with complete understanding of the requirements for printing jobs works.
Service 2

Press Facility

We provides the offset printing services right from the preliminary design concepts to all the print production activities. Carried out by experienced professionals, the services are appreciated for unique design and color printing. Advanced technology is used with superior functioning standards helped us to provide qualitative printing. Our printing services are rendered as per the exact specifications provided by our clients to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Our state-of-the-art Heidelberg Printing Machines can print up to 6 colors printing plus online coating in a single pass. Sheets up to a maximum size of 28.5" x 40" (724mm x 1016mm) can be printed. Our range of printing machines constist of :

  • Heidelberg Speedmaster (CPC ) - Size : 19" X 25.5" - 5 Color
  • Heidelberg - Size :28.5" X 40" - 6 Color
  • Heidelberg SORK/Z - Size : 19" X 25.5" - 2 Color
  • Heidelberg SORK/Z - Size : 19" X 25.5" - Single Color
  • Roland - Size : 19" X 25.5" - Single Color
  • Heidelberg SORD : Size - 25" X 36" - Single Color
  • Rotary Label Press : 5 Color


Service 3

Post Press

We are total printing & packaging service provider to the industry. Our belif is providing you with a complete package! Not only do the clients fulfill their pre-printing and printing requirements here but we are very much specializes in post-printing services. We have fully equipped facilities for lamination, die-cutting, embossing, UV and all the other important and ancillary packaging processes. Clients can expect remarkable services stuff of commercial / marketing jobs. We are capable to handle bulk orders as well as specialty orders for all types of packaging and commercial jobs.

We have a highly automated finishing department which offers a range of coatings for your jobs, apart from services like folding, binding, punching, etc. Following is the list of the machines in our Post Press Section :

  • Binding & Fabrication Unit :
    • Folding Stahll 25"x36"/3 Fold,
    • Folding Stahll(buckle-buckle) 25"x36"/4 Fold,
    • Folding Stahll 20" X 30"/3fold,
    • Sewing Machinery,
    • Cutting Polar 32"/42",
    • Three Knife Cutter(krause Wohlenberg),
    • Perfect Binding (mular) 5 Clamp,
    • Perfect Binding Single Clamp,
    • Stitching Machines,
    • Lamination Cold/23",
    • Thermal Lamination 32",
    • Die Cutting(platen&cylinder)18" X 26"(heidelberg),
    • Power press (5 tons),
    • Pre-folding machine,
    • Automatic pasting machine,
    • Searing machine,
    • Flow line(8 Stations) (polygraph),
    • Hot Foil Stamping 18" X 26",
    • Shrink Wrapping
  • Screen Printing Unit :
    • Semi Automatic Screen Printing Machine(with UV curing facility),
    • UV Varnish Machine,
    • Ram Punching Machine,
    • Cd Replication Machine,
    • Pad Printing Machine,
    • Aqueous Varnish Machine,
    • UV Printing Machine


Printing Comany


Saraswati Printers is equipped to undertake all sorts of printing jobs right from designing to delivery. From conception to its execution, we undertake jobs on a turnkey basis.

  • Printing of Books, Diaries
  • Magazines, Journals, Annual Reports
  • Lenticulars, PVC Printing, Pet Printing
  • Catalogues
  • Publisher's Books
  • Greeting Cards
  • Prospectus
  • Diaries
  • Poly-Printing
  • Tetra Packaging
  • Catalogues
  • Tags with Bar-codes
  • Annual Reports
  • Gift Wrapping Papers
  • Offset & Glossy Printing
  • Card Board Packaging
  • Magazines
  • Stationery
  • Computer Stationery
  • Calendars
  • Lamination
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Magazines
  • Folders
  • Carry Bags
  • Gunny Bags Printing
  • Ultra Violet Coating
  • Leaf Printing



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